The University of Helsinki (0313471-7) is responsible for the online payment service. The online payment service handles registrations and online payments for University of Helsinki events and conferences and accepts online payments from other University of Helsinki information systems.

Below are the general terms of use for the University of Helsinki online payment service. The general terms may be supplemented by product-specific and/or source system specific terms of cancellation and delivery. By making the payment, the Customer accepts both the general terms of use for the online payment service and the product-specific terms of cancellation and delivery. The customer also acknowledges that his/her personal data will be processed in accordance with the privacy statement of the online payment service’s customer register.

1. Registration and personal details

Placing an order does not require registration to the online payment service. The Customer must provide the information needed to use the service, and this information is saved in the online payment service to process the order and manage the customer relationship. The University of Helsinki is entitled to handle the Customer’s personal details in accordance with the Personal Data Act and other Finnish legislation. The University of Helsinki will not provide the Customer’s personal details to third parties without separately requesting permission from the Customer.

2. Placing an order

Order and payment confirmations are sent for each order via email to indicate the price of the order and the products ordered. Customers are responsible for providing a valid email address. Together the order and payment confirmations act as an official receipt of purchase.
By making the payment, the Customer agrees to follow the terms of use for the online payment service which are valid at the time of the order as well as the special terms applying to the product/service ordered.

3. Payment methods

Products must be paid for when placing the order. Online payment takes place via a secure connection through Verifone’s BlueCommerce service. The payment methods available include all Finnish online banks and the most common debit and credit cards.
The payment intermediary service and the payment service are provided by Verifone Finland Oy, BlueCommerce (0943819-9), in cooperation with Finnish banks and credit institutions. Verifone Finland’s BlueCommerce service collects the payment and disburses it to the University of Helsinki. Verifone Finland Oy appears as the recipient of the payment on the bank statement or card invoice. Verifone Finland Oy is an authorised payment institution.

4. Prices and value added tax

The University of Helsinki reserves the right to change prices. All prices are shown in euros (EUR). Product prices include value added tax at the current rate.

5. Terms of cancellation for registration/order as well as contacts

Each registration/order is binding. Cancellations must be made in writing. Cancellations are always confirmed with a receipt. For detailed cancellation terms, please see the website of the University of Helsinki unit responsible for selling the product/service in question.
The same unit can also answer queries about the product. The contact details of the units can be found in the order process and on the order confirmation.

6. Service maintenance, usability and defects

The University of Helsinki is entitled to suspend the online payment service due to a change or redesign of the service; a related technical reason; the installation, maintenance or repair of the data communications network or a similar reason; or if required by law or another official regulation.
The University of Helsinki is not responsible for defects due to the suspension of data communications connections or other data communications provided by a third party or to flaws in such services. Neither is the University of Helsinki responsible for defects which are due to the Customer using the online payment service contrary to the relevant instructions or regulations or which have otherwise been caused by the Customer.

7. Information security

The online payment service is protected by SSL encryption. The Customer is responsible for ensuring appropriate information security in the Customer’s own information systems. The University of Helsinki maintains the confidentiality of all information about or submitted by the Customer.

8. Equipment, software and connections

The Customer is responsible for acquiring and maintaining the equipment, software and network connections required by the online payment service as well as for the related costs. The equipment, software and connections cannot disturb or otherwise hinder the online payment service or other network users.

9. Liability for damages

The University of Helsinki is responsible to the Customer only for any direct damage it has caused through negligence by violating the agreement. If it can be established that the University of Helsinki is at fault, the Customer can be reimbursed for unwarranted costs charged to the Customer in the online payment service.
The University of Helsinki is not liable to pay damages or other direct or indirect reimbursement or compensation due to disturbances or defects specified in item 6 above.

10. Force majeure

If affected by a force majeure event that prevents online payments or makes them excessively difficult, the University of Helsinki will not be liable to perform any obligations related to the online payment service. The University of Helsinki will make every effort to provide information about a force majeure event on its website immediately after the event has emerged.

11. Amendment of terms of use

The University of Helsinki is entitled to amend these terms of use for the online payment service after announcing the upcoming amendment on its website in good time.

12. Resolution of disputes

Any disputes concerning this agreement will be resolved in the District Court of Helsinki in accordance with Finnish law.