Participation of a member of the Conferment committee


The Conferment Ceremony will be held in Helsinki on June 15–17, 2023. Registration for the doctoral promovendi is possible until April 30, 2023.

For a promovendi attending the Conferment Ceremony alone (solo), the participation fee is 285 euros. It is also possible to attend the Conferment Ceremony with a companion (avec), in which case the participation fee is 2 x 285 euros, a total of 570 euros. If both are promovendi (going to be conferred), each participant pays the solo fee. All promovendi must register themselves separately.

It is also possible to only take part in the Conferement Act and its rehearsal, in which case the participation fee is 100 euros solo or with a companion. The fee also includes the Matricula. Furthermore, it is possible to take part while being absent (absens), in which case the promovendus will have their name and information entered in the Matricula as well as the right to wear the insignia of their academic degree. The participation fee is 100 euros for those, who are participating while being absent. The fee also includes the Matricula.

Registration is binding and the payment will be made immediately. By registering, you agree to the cancellation policy for the event. Payment can be made by credit card, phone (MobilePay, Siirto) or via Finnish banks' online payment service.

You can cancel your participation in the Conferment until May 12, 2023 so that your right to participate in a conferment remains in case you would like to take part in a future occasion. The deadline is due to the printing of the Matricula - a name can only be printed there once. We do not require a reason for cancellation. A handling fee of EUR 50 is charged for refunds. In case of cancellations contact

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