Antibiotic testing of DSV

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Desulfovibrio bacteria (DSV) are associated with Parkinson´s disease (PD) and the quantity of them correlate with the severity of the symptoms (Murros et al. 2021).

DSV strains isolated from PD patients induce alphasynuclein aggregation in PD model animal Caenorhabditis elegans nematodes more than DSV strains isolated from healthy, suggesting that DSV may cause PD (Vy et al. 2023). 


Service 1. DSV bacteria produce hydrogen sulfide and if their quantity in feces are high the produced hydrogen will form black ferrous sulfide in semi-solid Postgate medium after several days incubation in anaerobic conditions (see photo to the left) whereas if the feces do not contain hydrogen sulfide producers at high quantities the incubation does not yield a black color (the tube to the right)

Service 2. The DSV can be isolated on solid Postgate agar plates utilizing the black color and antibiotic resistance profiling is done.

Service 3. Alphasynuclein aggregation induction of isolated DSV in C. elegans


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